Why am I blogging?

Whenever you find yourself stuck, asking yourself “why am I stuck?” can help clarify the situation. Successively asking yourself “why?” will then lead you to your real road block. Maybe you picked the wrong method for solving your problem, which may result in some additional research and learning of the appropriate method. You may even have picked the wrong problem to solve, which may require a total reframing of your methods.

Most of my work is collaborative, be it idea generation or content creation. Most of my work is also fast-paced, leaving little time for individual reflection. Iteration is one of the fundamental principles of design, yet we often neglect individual reflection on our work and thought process. We don’t always take enough time to ask ourselves “Why?”

I will use this blog to reflect upon the work I do each day as a UX researcher and designer, as well as observations in the world that apply to my work. Why? To evaluate my work as a whole. Why? To deliver the best experience to the users of my products, for this is the goal of research and design.


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