“Come Together”: accepted into Startup Semester!


Last year a new startup movement called Startup Exchange began in Georgia Tech that has grown rapidly since.


Each Fall semester they host the Startup Semester, an intense program that gets a team ready to take their product to market. Tons of teams applied (I think close to 40-50) and the top 10 were picked. Teams ranged from 1-4 people and included undergrads, master’s, and PhD students. My team just found out that we made the cut!

Read more about our app here

Next Thursday we’ll be meeting with a bunch of potential mentors who have a ton of industry experience and will help our team maximize their potential. One curveball the coordinators just threw at us is that the format will be “speed dating”. Each team will briefly pitch to each mentor and get to know them better. At the end of a few minutes the teams will rotate and talk to the next mentor. At the end of the event, mentors will vote on the 3 teams they liked the most. The 5 teams with the most votes will make the 2nd and final cut for the Startup Semester program, so here’s hoping we do a good job presenting our prototype and business model and that the mentors like them 🙂

I also finally have a much more complete portfolio (www.davidhmunoz.com). I still need to finish creating a post for my master’s project work and for the wearable knee brace project. Hopefully this weekend I will have some time for that



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