User Experience Recruiting needs an improved UX

Can’t believe it’s already the sixth week of my second-to-last semester in grad school.

I’ve been keeping very busy with the various projects I’m working on. I’m especially excited about the Android CDC App since it’s getting a lot of demand. I’ll be moving forward with beta testing and then a full-scale Google Play release.

Additionally, the job search has begun! It’s been very discouraging so far but not for the reason you may think. I have been fortunate to have pretty good success interviewing so far. It’s taken a lot of practice giving an elevator pitch, presenting my portfolio, and tailoring the content and layout of said portfolio and resume. I’ve practiced in front of friends, recorded audio and video, and watched these recordings to see what aspects of my presentation can be improved. I’ve thought about the visual, spoken, and written components of all of these ways in which we must present ourselves not just during an interview, but in the real world when we present to clients. Without effective communication, hard work and research’s impact may be lost. What better time to get even better at presenting ideas and projects than during a job search?

I am looking for UX Research and Design positions and am surprised at the current methods companies use to recruit candidates. Impersonal career fairs that consist of hour lines that culminate with a short “Apply online” command, recruiters who come to a school “only looking for one kind of major”, and ugly and repetitive online applications that candidates fill out when looking for positions are all too common.

I have often been asked during interviews to discuss apps or websites that have been well designed or poorly designed. What does it say about companies’ values when their software is generally well designed but the way in which they attract talent to build this awesome software is shoddy?

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.

-Johann Wolfgang van Goeth

If a company treats its applicants poorly, something is clearly off since these prospective employees are the ones who ensure the success of the future of that company. If this is how companies treat such valuable assets, how do they treat others who do not have such an important role for a company?

No one or thing is perfect. There is always room for growth of an individual’s potential, a true testament to the wonders of man’s ingenuity. UX Recruiting, you can do better than this.


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